Xiro Xplore V – Cheaper DJI drone alternative

If you are looking for cheaper alternative to DJI drone, look no farther.  Check out Xplorer drone by Xiro.  Xiro Xplorer sell for around $300 in Amazon.

DJI have perfected the drone technology.  Hands down DJI has the best drone in the market. But it isn’t cheap.  Not everyone can offer DJI drone.  Xplorer by Xiro come close to the cheaper alternative DJI drone.

Xplorer has all four essential functionalities to shoot beautiful video in the air. These four essential functionalities are 1) GPS Enabled, 2) 1080p camera or better, 3) gimbal, and 4) real-time view function.

1. GPS Enabled

Xiro Xplorer is GPS enabled.  When it’s in the air, it does good job holding steady in the air.  With GPS, it has many useful functionality such as Auto Return Home, “Follow-Me” mode, Intelligent “Follow-Snap” mode, and you can fly up to 15 preset Waypoints.

2. 1080p Camera

Xiro Xplore is equipped with powerful 14 Mega pixal 1080p camera which can shoot video and take photos.  It comes with Panasonic CMOS image sensor which captures amazing pictures even in low-light conditions.

3. Gimbal

Xiro Xplore is equipped with 3-axis gimbal for very smooth video.

4. Real-Time View

Using your smartphone app, you can view in real time what drone sees.  Using your controller, you can turn the camera up and down to shoot videos in different angles.  Also it will save real-time view video in 720p format to your smart phone for quick access.

Other Functionalities

It has many other useful functionalities.

It has Auto-Take off and Auto-land functionalities which is very useful.

It comes with three different modes.  Mode 1 is designed for beginner and it limits flight attitude to 50 meters and its can only travel 100 meters.  Mode 3 is deigned for more experienced user and it can fly faster and longer.  Maximum altitude is 120  meters and maximum distance is 600 meters.

The battery last about 20-25 minuets in the air depends on what you do in the air.

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