What to look for when buying a drone

So you’re ready to buy a drone but not sure what to look for?

You need 4 basic features in a drone to get a beautiful and steady videos in the air.

1. GPS Enabled

One thing you need to look for in a drone is built in GPS system.  If you did not know already, lots of drones nowadays come with built in GPS systems. Some of them take a step further and implement both GPS (made by USA) and the Russian satellite positioning system called GLONASS.

GPS brings a lot of important functionalities to a drone. One of the most important GPS functionality is that it brings stability in the air.  With help with GPS, drone is able to hold position in the air.  This makes it very easy for you to control your drone.

2. 1080p Camera or better

1080p is the standard HD camera.  You don’t want to get anything lower than that.  Now many of the drones are equipped with 2k or even 4k cameras.  Higher the resolution, better the quality of images and videos.  Before you purchase a drone, find out what kind of camera does it have.

3. Gimbal

Gimbal is device that is attached to the camera which makes the video very smooth.  If you already have tried to take video while moving, you can understand what shooting video without a gimbal means. When drone is in the air, it moves around and shakes a great deal which makes the video unwatchable.  This is why using the gimbal is an absolute must for taking good quality aerial photographs and videos.

Basically, there is two kinds of gimbal. Ther is 3-axis gimbal and 2-axis gimbal. 3-axis gimbal provides stabilization along 3 axes, namely the yaw, pitch, and roll. There is an extra motor in the gimbal that absorbs all sorts of unnecessary movements. 3-axis gimbal is recommended, but 2-axis will also work.  2-axis gimbals are usually smaller and cheaper and it is used in smaller drones.

4. Real-Time view (FPV)

Real-time view, also called FPV (First Person View), is feature in a drone that you much have. With real-time view, you can view what drone camera sees in real time. With advance in technology, more and more drones are now equipped with real-time view.  With real-time view feature, you can position your drone to shoot your videos and photos.

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